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Forgotten leaf on a busy road

You left scars on me when you fell off

So you could go anywhere you choose

And stick yourself on a strangerís shoe

It had been useless to keep you stuck on me

When you still fall despite my warnings

When will you start learning

And stop yourself from hurting?


Forgotten leaf on a busy road

Among spits and garbage of every day

Burns with the glare of the sun

Freezes beside the uncaring snow

Yet you fly with the wind

Flow wherever the flood takes you

When will you rest

Leave the road of your torture?


Forgotten leaf on a busy road

You canít forget whatever the wind brings you

No matter how much they trample on you

Brush you from their soles

And never look back

You hold on and you hurt

When will you stop

Purge the memories from you?


Forgotten leaf on a busy road

Youíre still green after everything

You still wait for the stranger to step on you

And take you wherever he goes

His name is etched on your green skin

And we know that you will never learn

Just remember me when the sun dries you up

It means I have already lost hope

For you to find a lover





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